Vivien Walters Animal Artist

On this page you will find images of my currently available e-workshops.  PayPal buttons make it easy to order - once you have decided on a subject, just click on its "Buy Now" button.  Of course if you would prefer to order from me in person and pay by cheque, or if you have any queries, please feel free to email.

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Title: Scottish Wildcat
Medium: Soft pastel on Hahnemuhle velour paper

 On the prowl - a Scottish Wildcat on the lookout for lunch.  Pre-printed image supplied on A3+ velour paper.   Image size illustrated is 10 x 12 inches approx.


Title: Christmas Squirrel
Medium: Soft pastel on Hahnemuhle velour paper

A clever squirrel uses its tail as a winter parasol to keep off the snow while it tucks into its Christmas dinner.  This image is cropped to a 6 x 4 format and is intended for you to use if you are planning to have your own Christmas cards printed.  

Title: River Otter
Medium: Soft pastel on Hahnemuhle velour paper

 This sensible little otter is in just the right place on a hot summer's day

Title: Little Otter
Medium: Soft pastel on velour

A cute little otter peeps out from behind a fallen tree at the water's edge

Title: Tiger
Medium: Pastel on velour

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Title: Collie
Medium: Soft pastel or oil pastel on Hahnemuhle velour paper

The model for this workshop is a Border Collie called Rossie.  Many thanks to my friend Estelle for the use of the photograph

Collie e-workshop in soft pastel:

Collie e-workshop in oil pastel:


Title: Shetland Pony
Medium: Oil pastel on velour

This loveable little pony is from Wiltshire, where it shares a field with another Shetland pony and a flock of small white ducks.  Loveable they may be, but Shetland ponies are not to be trifled with.  One night a fox tried to carry off one of the ducks, but the two little ponies came to the rescue and chased the fox away - minus the duck!

Title: Wolf
Medium: Soft pastel on velour

One of my most popular e-workshop subjects featuring Matsi (meaning "sweet and brave"), one of the beautiful wolves from Shaun Ellis's Wolf Centre at Combe Martin, Devon.   Matsi is the pack "tester" or quality controller - "his job is to keep all the others on their mettle; to make sure that they can do the jobs they say they can; and if they don't come up to expectations, then the enforcer ...hands out the discipline" - Shaun Ellis, "The Man Who Lives With Wolves".

Title: Tabby Cat
Medium: Soft pastel on velour

Our own cat Tiggy was born in a barn near our former home in Somerset.  I went to photograph the farmer's bull, and came back with two kittens


Title: Spring Lambs
Medium: Soft pastel on velour

Two Spring lambs cuddling up in a Somerset meadow




Title: Cheetah
Medium: Soft pastel on velour

One of Exmoor Zoo's magnificent big cats, this proud cheetah is clearly indignant at having his busy schedule interrupted


Title: Jersey Cow
Medium: Soft pastel on velour

This is a portrait of Millie, favourite cow of a farmer friend from Somerset.




Title: Hebridean Ram
Medium: Soft pastel on velour

This magnificent ram was part of a flock left to graze in woodland near our old home in Somerset

Title: Exmoor Pony
Medium: Soft pastel on velour

This image shows one of the beautiful ponies from the Exmoor Pony Centre, Dulverton


Title: "Paint" Tabby
Medium: Mixed media (pastel and pastel pencil on gouache)

From my article in the July 2009 edition of "Paint" magazine, our own Tiggy posing in the sun by the pool.  Life can be hard!

Title: Black Labrador
Medium: Pastel on velour

This is a portrait of Busby, faithful companion of my dear friend Sandy

Title: Dartmoor Pony
Medium: Pastel on velour

This is Tilly, a sweet natured Dartmoor Pony who lives in a paddock just down the lane.  She had to be bribed with a handful of grass to pose for this image. 



Title: Cockerel
Medium: Mixed media - acrylic and pastel

This sunny cockerel featured in my tuition article in the May 2009 edition of the SAA's "Paint"  magazine.

Title: Calf
Medium: Mixed media (pastel and acrylic) on Colourfix

This image is from my article in the March 2009 issue of the SAA's "Paint" magazine.  Further information about SAA membership can be found on their website at 

Title: Beast of Exmoor!
Medium: Soft pastel on velour

The fabled Beast of Exmoor - fact or fiction?  For many years there have been sightings of a mysterious black beast on Exmoor, widely thought to be a black panther, or melanistic leopard.  No-one has yet managed to photograph this elusive creature., so  I have tried to imagine the Beast as it materialises out of the moorland mist - only to vanish just as quickly, leaving you to wonder just what it was you saw.....